• I’m currently attending the Museum Studies Graduate Program at Harvard University Extension School. I expect to complete the program in Spring 2015.
  • My thesis work, and main area of interest right now, is museums’ connections to community resilience, placemaking, and well-being. I’m interested in getting museum thinking beyond superficial notions of community engagement, improving the authentic relationships museums have with constituents, and strengthening the user experience people have with their local, regional, and national museums.
  • I’ve been working closely with Cathy Stanton, anthropologist and public historian, on issues related to the contemporary food and farm movement. Her blog  History at the Table is tracing much of the thinking we are doing in step with a broader community of historians, farmers engaged in history- and place-based projects, and museum practitioners.
  • I’m currently exploring digital badging with a program organized by the Center for the Future of Museums. At the end, I’ll have a stronger sense of digital badging as a training, credentialing, and engagement technique.

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