After starting my career in progressive and experiential education, I took my formal training and ran with it – from the ropes course and classroom straight into the museum.

I’ve been working in museums for nearly 15 years, in roles ranging from front-line educator and interpreter to education director, interpretive planner, exhibition developer, curriculum designer, and administrator.  I aim to do transformative work that’s community-engaged and future-focused.

My current focus is on the intersection of museums as essential contributors to community resilience. Museums need to make a difference. They are never ends in themselves, but places which people use towards other ends: to grow and learn, to be inspired, to understand the world and themselves better, to meet others, to make progress socially, civically, and individually.

As museum leaders, we need to find new ways to serve our users as they engage in those efforts. We need to be more creative. More nimble. More surprising. Friendlier, more honest, more connected, less anxious. We need to reach beyond the boundaries of our own traditional disciplines, and connect with urban planning, placemaking, community and economic development, and free-choice culture in all its forms.

All that’s reflected in the name Mu*Zine, inspired by the spirit of the indie ‘zines I grew up with: voracious and indiscriminate in content, idiosyncratic in voice, and unofficial in every way. That’s Mu*Zine, a cut-and-paste exploration of ideas, criticism, inspiration, humor, provocation, and opinion.

I hope you’ll return and contribute.


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